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Life or Lifestyle? The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill (2008)

Helen Watt offers a brief analysis of the issues surrounding this controversial bill. A pdf is available here.

Last year, US scientists created clones of adults, including one of the scientists concerned. Asked how it felt to look at embryos who were replicas of himself, Dr Samuel Wood said 'I have to admit, it's a very strange feeling. It is very difficult to look at an embryo and realise it is what you were a few decades ago. It is you, in a way'.

The logic of production is freely carried out in the treatment of manufactured embryos, though tellingly the State wants some control over the kind of offspring parents may accept. The sinister concept of the 'permitted' embryo, and the permission for embryos to be 'preferred' for transfer as healthy, but not as sick or disabled, are obvious examples. Not everyone is welcome in the libertarian Brave New World.

This article was first published in Christian Politics.