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Submitted to the House of Lords Select Committee on Stem Cell Research by an ad hoc group of Christian theologians from the Anglican, Catholic, Orthodox and Reformed traditions.*
Care of the Vulnerable Elderly
A paper by Rev Dr John Berry, printed in the Catholic Medical Quarterly.
Co-operation Problems in Biomedical Research (1999)
What are the boundaries between permissible and impermissible cooperation in wrongful procedures? Helen Watt explains how "formal" cooperation is always morally wrong, and suggests principles for assessing when "material" cooperation is acceptable. A pdf is available here.
Comment on the Liverpool Care Pathway (2012)
A comment on the Liverpool Care Pathway by Professor David Albert Jones. A pdf is available here.
Contraception and Catholic Sexual Ethics (1997)
Luke Gormally places the prohibition on contraception within the context of the Christian concepts of chastity, authentic marital love and the awareness of sin in our lives. A pdf is available here.
Cooperation with Immoral Laws (2012)
By Helen Watt
An earlier version of this essay by Helen Watt was published in the Summer 2012 issue of The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly. A pdf is available here.
Eight Reasons Not to Legalize Physician Assisted Suicide (2015)
David Albert Jones argues that legalizing physician assisted suicide would not address the needs of the dying but would threaten people with disabilities and those who are suicidal. It would undermine key principles of law, medical ethics and palliative care and would not be controllable. A pdf is available here.
Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: Seven Reasons Why They Should Not Be Legalized (1997)
By Professor Luke Gormally
Euthanasia: Unpacking the Debate (2002)
Helen Watt analyses certain concepts and historical facts relevant to the euthanasia debate. Key issues discussed: euthanasia legalisation - the Netherlands - the 'slippery slope' - value of human life - respect for human life. A pdf is available here.
Gender dysphoria: Some Catholic bioethical reflections
David Albert Jones offers some brief bioethical considerations relevant to the care and support of people with gender dysphoria. A pdf is available here.
HFEA consultation on mitochondrial replacement (2013)
This is the Centre's response to an HFEA consultation on Mitochondrial Replacement techniques.

A pdf of our submission is available here.
Human Cloning (2003)
Anthony McCarthy: A concise argument against cloning. This extract is from A. McCarthy: Cloning (Linacre/CTS Explanations series, 2003). A pdf is available here.
Human Dignity and Respect for the Elderly (1998)
by Professor Luke Gormally
Human Dignity in Healthcare: A Virtue Ethics Approach (2012)
In Vitro Fertilization
Helen Watt explores the moral problems raised by in vitro fertilization. A pdf is available here.
Legislating for Advance Refusals of Treatment: What is at issue? (1998)
Luke Gormally shows that making advance refusals legally binding will undermine the doctor-patient relationship and promote the cause of euthanasia. A pdf is available here.
Letter to the Times on mitochondrial replacement (2013)
This letter was published in The Times on Wednesday 20 March 2013. There are 43 signatories. A pdf of this letter is available here.
Life or lifestyle? The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill (2008)
Helen Watt offers a brief analysis of the issues surrounding this controversial bill. A pdf is available here.
Living Together: Pregnancy and Parenthood (2002)
Helen Watt responds to claims that the fetus is not (or not always) human, that abortion is about "choice" and "controlling one's body", and that women and children benefit from the practice of abortion. A pdf of this article is available here.
Notes on The Winterton Bill (2000)
Luke Gormally comments on a Bill which aims to prohibit "the withdrawal or withholding of medical treatment, or the withdrawal or withholding of sustenance, with the intention of causing the death of a patient". A pdf is available here.
Obstetrics and Gynaecology in a multi-cultural society: The Catholic view
Is there a practice of Obstetrics and Gynaecology which accommodates committed Catholics? Nearly all the evidence suggests the answer is `No', says Luke Gormally. A pdf is available here.
Ordinary and Extraordinary Means of Prolonging Life (2000)
Extracts from Life and Death in Healthcare Ethics: A Short Introduction by Helen Watt.* A pdf is available here.
Pre-Implantation Diagnosis (1997)
Screening and discarding undesired embryos prior to implantation (as part of the IVF procedure) assumes that the embryo is not human, or not deserving of the same respect as other humans. Helen Watt defends the humanity and dignity of the embryo, and explains how screening is inimical to healthy parent-child relationships. A pdf is available here.
Resisting the Subhuman (2009)
Helen Watt considers the implications of creating animal/human hybrids. A pdf of this article is available here.
See ME rather than my dementia promoting Dignity and Personhood in Dementia by Ben Bano
Selecting Children (2007)
Dr Helen Watt
The 'perinatal hospice' and the dignity of the dying infant (2012)
Transcript of presentation by Dr Sylvie de Kermadec, obstetrician-gynaecologist working in France, given 18 June 2012 in Oxford at a conference on 'Human Dignity in Healthcare' co-sponsored by Blackfriars Hall and the Anscombe Bioethics Centre. A pdf of this paper is available here
The BMA Report on Euthanasia and the Case Against Legalization (1994)
A review of the Report by Luke Gormally.* A pdf is available here.
The Case Against Assisted Dying (2008)
Helen Watt considers the central question to discussions of euthanasia. A pdf is available here.
The Diane Blood Case (1997)
Helen Watt on the ethics of using a deceased husband's sperm to produce a child. A pdf is available here.
The Irish Frozen Embryos Case (2006)
Patrick Carr examines the judgement delivered by Mr. Justice Brian McGovern of the Irish High Court, Dublin on 15 November, 2006 in the case of M.R. v. T.R. and Others, which considers the status of the pre-implantation embryo in Irish Constitutional Law. A pdf is available here.
The UK Definition of Death (1999)
Hidden forms of homicide are real possibilities because of unclear and non-objective definitions of death, warns David Albert Jones. A pdf of this article is available here.
The Varieties of Human Dignity: A Logical and Conceptual Analysis (2012)
[Epub ahead of print]
Thinking Twice: Cloning and In Vitro Fertilisation (2002)
by Dr Helen Watt
Tissue Typing (2003)
Helen Watt: The ethical pitfalls of selecting (via IVF elimination) a child with physical characteristics that can be used to save another life. A pdf of this article is available here.
Why not dirty your hands? (2005)
Or: on the supposed rightness of (sometimes) intentionally cooperating in wrongdoing
by Professor Luke Gormally