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Cooperation, Complicity and Conscience - Helen Watt (Ed)

ISBN: 978-090656110-2 £12.95 320pp Buy here

1. Cooperation, complicity and conscience: the background to the debate Bishop Donal Murray
2. Why not dirty your hands? Or: o the supposed rightness of (sometimes) intentionally cooperating in wrongdoing Luke Gormally
3. Cooperation in evil: understanding the issues Bishop Anthony Fisher OP
4. Tax lawyers, prophets and pilgrims: a response to Anthony Fisher M. Cathleen Kaveny
5. Cooperation with past evil and use of cell-lines derived from aborted fetuses Alexander R. Pruss
6. Cooperation problems in science: use of embryonic/fetal material Neil Scolding
7. Medical training: cooperation problems and solutions Charlie O'Donnell
8. General medical practice: the problem of cooperation in evil Mike Delany
9. Cooperation problems in care of suicidal patients Helen Watt
10. The Holy See and the Convention on the Rights of the Child: moral problems in negotiation and implementationJane Adolphe
11. Problems of principle in voting for unjust legislation Colin Harte
12. Restricting legalized abortion is not intrinsically unjust John Finnis 13. The opening up of a discussion: a response to John Finnis Colin Harte
14. "A vote decisive for... a more restrictive law" John Finnis
15. US law and conscientious objection in healthcare Richard S. Myers

'A comprehensive and helpful study of the range of contemporary issues relating to the moral problem of cooperation in evil. The volume makes an important contribution to an important moral question for theorists and practitioners alike.' Peter Cataldo National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly

'...a splendid example of interdisciplinary scholarship on contemporary issues of great importance' Joseph Koterski Life and Learning