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Culture of Life � Culture of Death Luke Gormally (ed.)

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1. Introduction Luke Gormally
2. Opening Address Cardinal Thomas J Winning�

The Culture of Death
3. Secularism, The Root of the Culture of Death John Finnis
4. De-christianising England: Newman, Mill and the stationary State Dermot Fenlon
5. The Political Theory of the Culture of Death Robert P George
6. Population Control: The Global Contours of the Culture of Death Kateryna Fedoryka Cuddeback

The Culture of Life 1. Theology and the Culture of Life
7. Faith in the Incarnation, Death and Resurrection of Jesus and the culture of life Livio Melina
8. What does it mean for a Christian to be �against the world but for the world�? Carlo Lorenzo Rossetti
9. The Church as a community of hope in face of the culture of death Bishop Donal Murray

The Culture of Life 2. Promoting the Culture of Life
10. The role of the bishop in promoting the Gospel of life Archbishop George Pell
11. The role of the priest in promoting the culture of life Richard M Hogan
12. The role of the family in promoting a culture of life Laura L Garcia

The Culture of Life 3. Politics and the Culture of Life
13. Some problems of conscience in bio-lawmaking Anthony Fisher OP
14. Some recent treatments of the private defence of innocent human life J L A Garcia

The Culture of Life 4. Medicine, the Developing World and the Culture of Life
15. A preferential option for poor mothers R L Walley
16. Combating the spread of AIDS Sr Miriam Duggan

Supplementary Papers
17. Eugenic genetic engineering as a manifestation of the culture of death in human genetics Tomasz Kraj
18. Wojtylan insight into love and friendship: shared consciousness and the breakdown of solidarity Scott FitzGibbon
19.The science and politics of stem cell research Richard M Doerflinger
20. Countering the contraceptive mentality Helen Davies
21. The culture of life and the quality of life ethic: an either/or? Christopher Kaczor
22. Challenging a consensus: why Evangelium Vitae does not permit legislators to vote for �imperfect legislation� Colin Harte.

�The whole book is a kind of duel, intellectual and practical, between the cultures of life and death�This is a book full of rigour and inspiration, especially for those prone to neglect the element of struggle in Christian discipleship.� Robert Ombres Priests and People

��thoroughtly to be recommended� Margaret Sealey Ethics and Medicine