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Fertility and Gender - Helen Watt (Ed.)

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1. Preface Helen Watt
2. Introduction Bishop Anthony Fisher
3. Fertility, Celibacy and the Biblical Vindication of Marriage Paul Mankowski
4. From Love to Union as One Body Alexander Pruss
5. Marriage and the Common Good Luke Gormally
6. Marriage and Meaning Anthony McCarthy
7. Who Am I? Psychological Issues in Gender Identity and Same Sex Attraction Philip Sutton
8. Teenage Pregnancy, STIs and Abstinence Strategies David Paton
9. Population Growth and Control Dermot Grenham
10. Humanae Vitae and Chastity Kevin O'Reilly
11. Contraception, Moral Virtue and Technology John Berry
12. Condoms and HIV Transmission Anthony McCarthy and Alexander Pruss
13. Motherhood, IVF and Sexual Ethics Mary Geach
14. "In This Regard, the Teaching of the Magisterium is Already Explicit": On Dignitas Personae 12 Kevin Flannery
15. Ethical Reproductive Technologies: Misplaced Hope? Helen Watt

"We live in a time when deep and precise thinking about issues of sexuality and fertility is desperately needed. In Fertility and Gender: Issues in Reproductive and Sexual Ethics, Helen Watt and the Anscombe Bioethics Centre present instructive and illuminating essays by some of the most well-informed, deeply thoughtful, and analytically rigorous scholars working in this area today." Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University

"Fertility and Gender is an auspicious beginning for the Anscombe Bioethics Centre, and will an essential reference point for further inquiry" Christopher Tollefsen, Catholic Social Science Review

"This marvellous work deserves a wide readership. The Anscombe Centre is to be highly commended for this examination of the pivotal issues in reproductive and sexual ethics." Pravin Thevathasan, Catholic Medical Quarterly