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Incapacity and Care - Helen Watt (Ed)

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1. Preface Helen Watt
2. Introduction Bishop Donal Murray
3. Incapacity and personhood: Respecting the non-autonomous self David Albert Jones
4. From beneficence to love: Adequate care for the mentally incapacitated Aaron Kheriaty
5. Human dignity and the intellectually disabled person: Can prevention of harm justify sterilisation? Anthony McCarthy
6. Justifying research without consent Helen Watt
7. Non-voluntary euthanasia in the Netherlands and Belgium Wendy E Hiscox
8. The Mental Capacity Act 2005: Some ethical and legal issues John Finnis
9. PEG tubes in end-stage dementia: Benefits and burdens Johanna Valiquette
10. Very quiet people: Ethical, medical, and theological perspectives on those in 'vegetative' and other hypokinetic states A A Howsepian

'a powerful and unanswerable defense of the dignity of the most helpless and vulnerable among us.' Ann Gardiner, New Oxford Review

'All the papers are formidably well-researched and argued, and each one contains important and novel contributions to its chosen topic. I would thoroughly recommend to all interested in end of life issues, and ethical issues arising from care of vulnerable people.' Steven Edwards, Nursing Ethics

'Incapacity and Care ...deserves to be read by all, whatever their religious beliefs, who have concern for the weakest members of our society.' William Charlton, The Tablet

'The contributions are of a uniformly high academic standard, giving integrity to the arguments crafted. This book takes one by surprise, giving the reader a new perspective on human dignity and worth framed by the love of God.' Steve Sturman, Triple Helix