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Photo of the cover of Life and death in healthcare ethics by Helen Watt

Life and Death in Healthcare Ethics: A short introduction - Helen Watt

1. Homicide: moral approaches
2. The unconscious patient
3. The competent patient
4. Abortion
5. Embryo destruction
6. Cooperation.

‘The sort of book that has been needed for some time. It is a fresh and challenging re-examination of core topics in medical ethics, and will prove ideal as an introductory text for students of medical ethics whether in philosophy or in medicine, nursing and allied fields.’ David Oderberg, University of Reading

‘This small, slim book can only be commended....For students who want - or need - a very basic text to introduce them to the subject, I could not recommend anything better.’ Verena Tschudin Nursing Ethics

‘. . . a compact, nicely written book that provides a rejuvenating alternative to the utilitarian orthodoxy that dominates contemporary bioethics . . ..’ Jacqueline Lang, Journal of Medical Ethics