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The Soul of the Embryo: An enquiry into the status of the human embryo in the Christian tradition - DA Jones

ISBN 0826462960 (London: Continuum, 2004) £21.99 Buy here

Table of Contents:
1. Moulded in the earth
2. Curdled like cheese
3. Discarded children
4. Grieving in Ramah
5. Medicinal penalties
6. Soul talk
7. Whence the soul?
8. The timing of ensoulment
9. The embryonic Christ
10.Imputed dignity
11. Embryology through the looking glass
12. Probable sins and indirect exceptions
13. The justice of miscarriage
14. The embryo in isolation
15. The least of these little ones

Julia Neuberger in The Lancet 5th March 2005
"A surprisingly calm look at what Christians and others have had to say... about the human embryo."

John Keown in The Tablet 4th February 2005
"An authoritative and clear interdisciplinary analysis of a complex and controversial question. It is to be highly recommended."

Rowan Williams "This is a valuable contribution to a most important debate"

Catholic Herald 21st January 2005
"Jones' tone is always scholarly and persuasive rather than didactic. An essential contribution in this field."

The Guardian 29th January 2005
"Jones finds that there is "an enduring desire to protect the human embryo" stretching across two millennia of Christian thought."

The Telegraph 27th November 2004
"I wish I'd been able to read a book like Dr Jones's when the debate was beginning."