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Photo of the book Thinking Christian Ethos by David Albert Jones and Stephen Barrie

Thinking Christian Ethos: the meaning of Catholic education

David Albert Jones and Stephen Barrie

This book is about the meaning of Catholic education. It is not a book only for practising Roman Catholics but is a resource for anyone who wishes to explore how education is to be understood from a Christian perspective. It sets out a vision of education that is, or that ought to be, embodied in a Church School (especially but not only in a Catholic school).

- Why the virtues lie at the heart of education
- What Christianity has contributed to Western culture, science and the arts, and what the Christian intellectual tradition can contribute to education and school life
- How a tolerant form of secularism can support faith schools
- Ways to find inspiration from a Christian ethos across the curriculum
- An excellent introduction for new teachers and new governors


'This is a hugely welcome work which will be of benefit to everyone who plays a role in the Catholic mission of education. For governors, heads, teachers and parents, it provides a coherent and accessible presentation of the Church's understanding of what makes us human and the kind of education which is compatible with such an understanding. It is also a hugely valuable resource for the preparation of assemblies, collective worship and lessons. Very few books cover so much of such use to so many in Catholic education.'
Philip Robinson, Religious Education Adviser at the Catholic Education Service

'This is an extremely clear and well written resource that has helped me to understand the issues afresh. Many of the chapters serve as excellent resources for my A level pupils (Virtue Ethics) and I am most grateful for the excellent way it has been laid out as well. First rate job!'
Patrick Fleischer Head of RE at the Cardinal Vaughn School

'An informative, challenging and accessible text which elegantly elucidates the purpose and meaning of Catholic education. It is all the better for rooting itself not only within the theological tradition but also societal and contemporary mores, raising questions and engaging its audience in a manner which ensures this book won't remain on the shelf.'
Dr Maureen Glackin, Head of the School of Education, Theology & Leadership, St Mary's University, Twickenham

'This book provides a much needed stimulus to renewed thinking in Catholic education with a detached and fair account avoiding mere polemics. It is well written, comprehensive and brings together an important theme with great deftness providing us with a wealth of insight in a manner that is both unusual and original.'
Prof James Arthur, Head of the School of Education, University of Birmingham

'A marvellously rich volume, the book contains a wealth of theological seams worthy to be mined by anyone interested in religious education from a Catholic faith perspective.'
Dr Liam Francis Gearon, Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford

'This text is to be warmly welcomed at a time when there is significant debate about the place of Church schools and religious education in society. It can help clarify prejudices and misunderstandings about Catholic education. It will be a rich resource for parents, teachers and governors as well as all others interested in the "heart-beat" of Catholic schools. Complex thought is summarised in an accessible way which can assist leaders to reflect on how to deepen Catholic identity by better understanding human flourishing, the virtues, revelation and God's grace perfecting nature. It invites prayerful reflection.'
HE Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster


Section 1. The Nature of Education: What is needed for human persons to flourish?
1 Human Persons
2 The Integral Formation of Persons
3 Education & Ethos
Section 2. Christian Education: What difference does Jesus make?
4 Who is Jesus
5 The Virtues Transformed
6 Christianity & the Task of Education
Section 3 .The Church & Education: What should a Catholic School look like?
7 A Light to the World
8 The Ethos of a Catholic School
9 The Mission of a Catholic School

ISBN: 978 1 78469 031 1

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