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We run a range of educational outreach initiatives for lower sixth form through to postgraduate level and for the general public. We tailor events to general, professional and specialist audiences, offering presentations, scholarship, advice, support and training in healthcare ethics. Please contact our Education Officer, Michael Wee, on or see the links on the left for more information. Please also see the 'News and Events' section for events in your area.

6th Form RE conference - Friday 13th February 2015

***Bookings close on Thursday 5th February at 3pm***
This cross curricular (AQA, OCR, Edexcel) conference for sixth formers will focus on Natural Law, Virtue, and applying ethical theory to cases. Take-home materials/handouts will be available.

In parallel with one conference session, RE/Philosophy staff will have the opportunity to join a masterclass/salon with Prof. John Finnis FBA and Professor David Albert Jones.

The conference poster is available here(14.6MB) and here(209KB).

10am � 4pm on Friday 13th February 2015, at St Gregory the Great Catholic School, Oxford, OX4 3DR

Keynote and Teachers� workshop:
Natural Law with Professor John Finnis

Sessions on:
Virtue Ethics with Professor David Albert Jones
Applied Ethics with Dr Helen Watt and Stephen Barrie

Cost: �10 per student, teachers free. This includes lunch & take-home materials. Places are limited so please register ASAP. Coach parking is available.

Please contact for further information.
The Centre is currently (2014) engaging in a major project to support schools. The title of the project is "Ethos: Ethics, Science and Religion in a Catholic school", and it involves a series of consultations, conferences and the publication of a book with CTS: "Thinking Christian Ethos". We are working closely with teachers, heads, governors and diocesan educationalists. Along with important questions about the 'ethos' or character of a Catholic - Christian school we are particularly interested in education understood as fostering virtue, in supporting the teaching of ethics, and in the relationship between science and religion.

In 2012 and 2013 we ran consultations on the initial results of our project, and were encouraged by extremely positive responses from around the country, and from a great variety of schools.

For more information about this project please contact

The Centre is also in the process of developing teaching resources - short fact (and argument) sheets on bioethical topics, and classroom posters. These resouces will be of use across the curriculum, in RE, Science, and philosophy courses most obviously, but also Geography, Economics and History, where the curricula consider ethical questions. We hope to publish the first set of these resouces in 2013.