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We work with schools in a number of ways, most often providing speakers on various topics to fit with the GCSE and A level curricula. We are happy to discuss the possibility of sixth form conferences on medical ethics.

Please contact our education officer, Michael Wee, on 01865 610 212 or for more information.

Kantians and Utilitarians: Who is for or against euthanasia
A Schools' Event

This event is aimed at GCSE and A Level (or equivalent) students, and is particularly relevant to those studying Religious Studies or Theology and Philosophy. It will seek to explore two dominant systems of ethics in particular: Kantian ethics and utilitarianism. How might each system argue both for and against euthanasia? It is hoped that this event will stimulate further reflection on this difficult moral issue and complement examination preparation.


- Xavier Symons (University of Notre Dame Australia): Kant and euthanasia: Do we have a right to die?
- Michael Wee (Anscombe Bioethics Centre, Oxford): Utilitarians and slippery slope arguments: Supported by evidence?
- Breakout sessions
- Panel discussion

Registration is free but places are limited. Please contact Michael Wee at for registration or enquiries. The deadline for registering is Monday, 9 March 2020.

About the Speakers:

Xavier Symons is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Ethics and Society at the University of Notre Dame Australia, where he convenes a bioethics and healthcare ethics research program. His research interests range from ethical issues in genetics and genomics to ethical issues in aged care and end of life care. Xavier recently completed his PhD in philosophy at the Australian Catholic University. Xavier is also a 2020 Fulbright Future Postdoctoral Scholar, and will spend six months as an academic visitor at the Kennedy Institute for Ethics, Georgetown University, starting in September.

Michael Wee is Education and Research Officer at the Anscombe Bioethics Centre, a Catholic research institute based in Oxford. He has given numerous educational talks in schools and universities across the UK and Ireland. He is also an Associate Lecturer in bioethics at St Mary’s College, Oscott, Birmingham and an Associate Member of the Aquinas Institute at Blackfriars Hall, Oxford. In 2020 he was appointed as a Young Research Member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, the Holy See’s research and advisory body on bioethical questions.