Statement & Press Release – Mandatory Vaccines For Care Home Workers ‘Profoundly Unethical’

The International Society for Stem Cell Research recently abolished the 14-day limit on lab-grown embryo experimentation. In a statement released today by the Centre, Prof. David Albert Jones highlights the dangers of this decision. ‘Once the 14-day rule falls away, the only real limit, it seems, to experimentation would be the scientific limit as to how long embryonic or foetal human beings can be sustained outside the womb’.
‘The further the limits of research are pushed, the more scientists will be confronted with research subjects that look more recognisably human. To experiment on human embryos that are up to 14-days-old – extremely vulnerable human lives – is already a grave injustice and a form of exploitation’.

For more information on this issue, read the full statement and press release.

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