Our People

Peter D. Williams

BA(Hons) GradDip (Lond) AKC

Media and Communications Advisor

Peter D. Williams is Media and Communications Advisor at the Anscombe Bioethics Centre. He currently serves as Director of the Family Education Trust, having previously worked as a human rights campaigner, and has over a decade of experience in Catholic media advocacy and public apologetics, having been involved in the Catholic Voices project since its inception for the Papal Visit to the UK in September 2010.

He was employed in 2009 and mentored by the late Phyllis Bowman DSG, one of the founders of the British right-to-life movement. Bowman made him Executive Officer of Right To Life, the campaigning organisation she co-founded, in 2011. He served there till 2020 before moving on to freelance project consultancy, and took on his role at the Centre in October 2021. He was appointed Director of the Family Education Trust in June 2023.

Contact: media@bioethics.org.uk


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