Educational Resources

The Anscombe Bioethics Centre is committed to public education in bioethics, and has produced a range of free educational resources which are available on this page. You will also find information on how to contact us if you would like a staff bioethicist to speak at an event you are organising, or if you have a query about bioethics.

For scholarly articles on bioethics, please visit our Research page.

Bioethics in Brief: A Catholic Guide

Why is the Catholic Church against IVF even though it results in a child? Is brain death really death? Does the Principle of Double Effect mean it doesn’t matter how much harm we cause, so long as we don’t intend it? For answers to these and many more questions, check out our virtual bioethics guidebook, Bioethics in Brief: A Catholic Guide. In this resource you will find short articles on a range of bioethical topics, laid out in an accessible, question-and-answer style.


Book a Bioethicist

Are you planning an event, such as a sixth form conference or an INSET day, and would like to include a talk on bioethics? Our staff bioethicists have spoken at schools, university chaplaincies, student societies, parishes, clergy formation days, and many other events – and would be happy to speak at yours. Or perhaps you just have a question about bioethics, relating to your work as a healthcare professional or to your own medical decisions? Contact us and one of our bioethicists will get back to you.



From time to time we produce short educational videos in the form of an interview with a bioethicist. These often relate to stories in the media, such as new trends in euthanasia or the ethics of COVID-19 vaccine passports.


Support Us

The Anscombe Bioethics Centre is supported by the Catholic Church in England and Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, but has also always relied on donations from generous individuals, friends and benefactors.