Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and Linacre Centre for Healthcare Ethics Joint Response to the Human Tissue and Embryos (Draft) Bill

Catholic Bishops’ Conference Of England And Wales And Linacre Centre For Healthcare Ethics Joint Response To The Human Tissue And Embryos (Draft) Bill

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Human Embryo

Clones & Three-Parent Babies: the Ethics of Mitochondrial Replacement

28 June 2013

A briefing paper on, guidance on the consultation questions of, and submission to, the HFEA consulta...

Pregnancy & Maternal Health

Response to ‘Choice For Women: Wanted Pregnancies, Safe Births’ (DFID Consultation on Maternal Health)

21 October 2010

The Anscombe Bioethics Centre responds on 21 October 2010 to the UK Government Department for Intern...

Mental Capacity

Human Dignity, Autonomy, and Mentally Incapacitated Persons

10 March 1998

A response to ‘Who Decides?’ [a consultation paper on mental capacity issued by the Lord Chancellor’...

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